Super Confetti Rainbow Set Classic – Palomita

Super Confetti Rainbow Set Classic

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The Stapelstein® Original rainbow classic picks up the entire diverse color spectrum of the rainbow. It is composed of the six primary and secondary color.

The Stapelstein® Original rainbow classic in bright colors encourages creative stacking play and active movement with the whole body. It offers endless play possibilities for children of different ages. They are strong enough for sitting, climbing, and tossing. Offering open-ended play and multiple uses, Stapelstein makes an excellent addition to playtime and beautifully complements the homes they live in.

Product details

  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant
  • 0.39 lbs light and loadable up to 396 lbs
  • Dimensions Stapelstein® Original: Diameter = 27.5 cm, Height = 12 cm
  • The Stapelstein® Original is made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene)
  • Compatible with all Stapelstein® products

    Possible use 

    • For indoors and outdoors
    • Gender neutral
    • From the age of one
    • Height-adjustable, dynamic stool
    • For children and adults with and without physical limitations

    Play Safely 

    Products from Stapelstein® are waterproof and can be taken into the water. However, they do not replace a buoyancy aid! Young children must be supervised when playing in the water with all products.

    Pointed objects and surfaces such as scissors, stones, knives, nails, wire or small pointed children's teeth can leave permanent marks on Stapelstein® products. 

    Maximum load Stapelstein® Original: 396 lbs
    Maximum load Stapelstein® Board: 264 lbs