WE ARE GOMMU – Palomita


Started as a mother/daughters project, the GOMMU family is inclusive, diverse, and strives to represent all skin colors. Designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Spain and Morocco. Made from Hevea tree white sap. 100% biodegradable and sustainable, born from a green production process. Hand-painted with organic food grade paint and PVC and BPA free.  GOMMU products are soft, chewable and safe for water play. Hermetically sealed, so no mold or bacteria can accumulate inside. GOMMU hopes to do something better for our children and our planet- To play and learn with toys that are friendly to their future earth.  GOMMU creates products that help children with emotional, sensory, and cognitive development.

To ensure your gommu products have longest life possible, please follow these care instructions: Do not over expose to the sun | Do not expose to high temperatures | Do not wash with abrasive products | Do not expose to salt water | Moisturize natural rubber with natural moisturizers