Farewell Frances Vintage Tote Bags – Palomita

Farewell Frances Vintage Tote Bags

One of a kind tote bags made from a vintage 1940s redwork quilt top in collaboration with Farewell Frances.  Carly started Farewell Frances in 2020 with a focus on honoring the past while thinking about the future.  Farewell Frances is an eco-friendly brand that stands against fast fashion. Her goal is to push the boundaries of what fashion looks like and how it is created.

Redwork became popular between 1885 and 1925. Aside from aesthetics, red embroideries became popular during this time because it was the first colorfast threads that became widely available to the public. Colorfast Turkey red thread was the supreme choice. It cost three times the amount of other red thread but wouldn’t bleed or fade nearly as fast. The stem stitch is the classic stitch for redwork that gives the effect of the artwork being sketched or drawn.