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Glitter Dough | Mermaid

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All natural play Glitter Dough handcrafted in Canada using 100% non-toxic ingredients. No nasty artificial dyes, fragrances, plastic glitter or preservatives. Made with natural veggie dyes and essential oils approved for kids under 5.

Glitter Dough includes 2 x colors for kids to mix and match + biodegradable glitter. Glitter Dough is packaged in a stand up pouch with a resealable zipper, making it easy for travel & storage! Pouches are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable.

Each purchase of our Glitter Dough plants 1 x tree. Good for little hands and better for the planet.

Dough care: Due to the natural dyes and ingredients used, do not recommend storing in high-heat or direct sunlight. Dough shelf-life is 18 months and will last for 6 months (or longer) once opened.