Thank you for being here! – Palomita

Thank you for being here!

As a company (and family) we have been inspired by the incredible work being done by Chelsea's Charity and The Conscious Kid.  We are fully committed to supporting their efforts by highlighting their work, and providing donations from our proceeds and our community.

To learn more about Chelsea's Charity and The Conscious Kid, click the links above. You may give an amount of your choice at checkout to be donated to either or both of these amazing organizations.  We will send receipts and post donations on all platforms for full transparency.


Toys and books have incredible impacts on young children.  In our efforts to give back to the planet and to our community, we created Palomita with sustainability, recycling, and connection in mind.

Through the GIVEBACK, we have created a space to impact both children in need and the environment.  You may return any gently used toys and/or books purchased at Palomita, and we will donate, ship and/or hand deliver to kids and families who might need a little extra love and joy.  Send us an email when you are ready to GIVEBACK, and we will send you a return label, along with 15% off your next purchase.