Sabriena Abrre – Palomita

Sabriena Abrre

Q: Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?
A: I was born and raised in Utah. I come from a large household of 7! I was raised in a dysfunctional, broken, authoritarian home and although my childhood is filled with several happy moments, I also learned a lot of how I DON'T want to raise my kids. This is what inspired me to dive into gentle/respectful parenting. I am so wildly passionate about being the parent to my kids that I needed.
Q: When did you and your husband meet? 
A: My husband and I met almost 7 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta! He's originally from Sudan but immigrated to Canada at age 10!

Q: Favorite thing to do as a family?
A: Anything outdoorsy! My family loves the beach, parks, hiking, riding bikes and more! It's where we feel most connected and where most belly laughs take place.

Q: Do you have any special family traditions from your childhood that you’re incorporating into your own family now?
A: We love to celebrate the little moments! This is something that was done in my childhood by my mother– whether a job promotion, a half birthday or an accomplishment we've been working at for a while, we think it's important to celebrate the little things!

Q: You took up running as a hobby and then ran a half marathon! Could you tell us a little more about how you show up for yourself outside of motherhood?
A: I try to always have a hobby on the go. Whether that's training for a half marathon, learning a new sport, language or even hitting a reading goal, I think it's important to constantly pour back into myself so I can continue being the best version of myself. It's really easy to get lost in motherhood and the mundane daily schedule. I think constantly having something on the go keeps things alive and makes me an all around happier person!

Q: As you prepare for baby number three, what are you most excited and/or nervous about!?
A: I am most excited to see my older girls as older siblings. They have been asking for another sibling for well over a year now. They constantly tell me how excited they are to feed, change and play with him/her. I'm most nervous about being outnumbered. I know it's going to take that much more energy to make them all feel loved uniquely! I hope we can continue being aware of their individual needs as they continue growing, despite there being 3 of them and 2 of us!

Q: Advice on raising empowered and confident young girls?
A: Yes! Don't dim their shine! I think it's far too often that young girls are told they're too bossy or too much to handle, and although I think it's well-intentioned, my focus has been teaching them that that's a strength. I want them to understand that they CAN and SHOULD use their voice to speak up, whilst also remaining respectful and considerate of others. There's a balance to be found but I believe it exists!

Q: Something you wish you heard more of as a kid?
A: It's not your responsibility or You're going to be okay, I'm here for you.

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