Jasmine – Palomita


Q: What’s something about you that most people don’t know?
A: I grew up competing in show jumping until I was 18. It was my whole childhood. I learned how to ride horses when I was four.

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I grew up in the suburbs of Washington State. In a town called Sammamish.

Q: Could you share your favorite childhood memory?

A: Gosh, I cherish so many childhood memories. One of my favorites would be an unforgettable summer trip I took with a friend to Buccaneer Bay in BC. I rode a seaplane for the first time, I had a grand adventure to find wild horses, which I never found. Explored the islands hidden gems. Felt like I was living in my own adventure movie. Getting lost in the woods, swimming with sea lions in the cove. Riding a speed boat during a storm. The list goes on!

Q: Could you share your work life and what you love most about being an entrepreneur?
A: I love that I am able to be with my kids or have my kids involved with my work in some way shape or form. I work with an interior designer a couple days a week remotely, I also run a fun vintage shop, along with our family winery, too!

Q: Your love of travel and nature is beautiful.  How do you share this with your little ones?  
A: Prior to having kids I wanted to make it a point to continue to do the things we love. Our children come along with us on travels. I don’t really over think it, everything is generally the same just a different bed to sleep on and new sights to share! I also believe that nature is good for the soul. Sometimes when I feel burnt out I take the kiddos outside for a stroll around our property. It’s a good way to decompress.

Q: Any advice on traveling with small children that you want to share?

A: Gosh, pack snacks lots of them. There’s going to be melt downs, stay calm. Make sure to bring a couple of favorite toys along the way. Also don’t worry, I feel like if you're worried about traveling, that energy rubs off on the kids.

Q: Any rituals or routines that keep you grounded in the chaos that comes with parenting two small children?
A: I feed our farm every evening and check in with all our animals. It’s a peaceful quiet time. I also love to cook, that’s a ritual I like to do daily. It’s very cathartic to bake and create some delicious food.

Q: Do you and your partner share parenting responsibilities?
A: I would say a little bit of both now that we have two little ones. We like to divide and conquer for bedtime. During the week I do a little more since I am with the kiddos. Overall I would say we have a good balance and rhythm down.

Q: What’s something you wish you heard more often as a child?
A: Have fun, don’t worry!

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