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Home Brand Founder Gaia Nadine-Warner

Q: Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? 

A: We moved quite a bit until I was a teen– Virginia, Montana, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

My childhood was simply magic! A collage of adventure bound moments with my four younger siblings. Road trips, lots of PB&J lunches at different water locations, forest hideouts, watching animals devour my Dad’s garden, creek splashing, a dinner bell that always rang too soon and endless hours of dreaming  with my art supplies after visiting museums. I feel lucky my parents truly advocated for us to have a rich childhood. 

Q: What are your kids ages? 

A: We have three! The oldest is 6, our middle is 4 and the youngest is 2.

Q: What's your happiest memory with your family?

A: It’s everchanging! But some of my happiest moments involve working with my kids on projects in our home. One on my lap while I sew, another usually puzzling nearby and the third asking me to thread their needle again at my feet :) Sharing space with them when we are all engaged in discovery brings me immense joy.

Q: When did you start Home Brand and what inspires you most to create? 

A: I launched Home Brand a year ago, but I had been selling kids’ vintage and preloved items for a couple of years prior. Before kids I was a painter and a lot of my visual inspiration comes from my experience of engaging with art history, observing and becoming aware of my environments, how we engage with space as women, and how seeing is in dialogue with the human experience. Watching the way my kids engage with the world, problem solve, and interact also inspires me. I’m particularly inspired by how innovative and free my kids work through the unexpected. I think about this when designing garments both visually and functionally. I am inspired to create clothing to support kids in their imaginative and innovative worlds.

Q: What are your goals for Home Brand? 

A: The biggest goal is to be a kind brand that makes quality clothing in a kind way. We hope to have the opportunity to grow and continue to support our local Baltimore community.

Q: As a mom of three running a small business, what are some ways you connect with yourself/ stay grounded?

A: I run most days and typically with a kiddo in the stroller and one or two on the bike. But as soon as I am on the trail, kids and all, I can breathe deeper and see more clearly instead of all the little parts of my day which can sometimes just feel like pure chaos! 

Q: Most challenging season of parenting to date?

A: Every season seems to have its challenges and whenever you are struggling alongside your child it's hard to remember it will pass. My dad gave me this great visual– as a parent you are the river, and obstacles come along as quickly they pass. I always try to remember this!

Q: If you could recommend one must-go, must-see, best things to do near the Chesapeake Bay, what would it be? 

A: Hands down Assateague National Seashore—amazing camping and a bold, inspiring beach. Also, check out Great Falls National Park, The American Visionary Art Museum, and The Washington DC Botanical Gardens.

Q: Something you wish you heard more of as a kid?

A: “Don’t say I can’t.” My partner might say this still applies to me—I can…

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