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Casa Oma

Meet Rebecca, mother, wife and founder of Casa Oma, a beautifully curated space in Oaxaca with a mix of Latin American art, natural organic clothing, and eco friendly handmade goods for little ones. Rebecca is inspired by nature's diverse landscapes and has created a thoughtful space where families are able to shop and play together.

Q: Did you grow up in Oaxaca City?

A: I didn’t! I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in coastal towns all over the US, on the island and in California, Massachusetts and Hawaii. I came to Oaxaca in 2019 to spend some extra days with my (now) husband and I’ve been setting roots here ever since.

 Q: What’s your favorite part about living in Oaxaca now?

 A: The traditions and pace of life. I’ve relearned a lot while being here. Some concepts involving time, and trust in community and self are big ones. Oaxaca’s ancestral traditions are very much alive and most people in the towns outside of the city still speak a variant of the native languages. I chose to have a natural unmedicated birth with my son here because of the abundance of knowledge we’re surrounded by! There’s a trust in your body that I never really learned growing up in the states, and a trust in the curative power of plants. I felt empowered, but also held by the trust I had with my surroundings, and that has included both people and nature.

 Q: What’s one tradition or memory from your childhood that you will carry on through parenthood?

 A: My ma and dad dedicated themselves fully to their kids and I will always always come back to that. That’s a very broad answer but it relates to the smallest of actions. As a small business owner it can be tough to turn your work mode off at a reasonable hour! I would find myself with my phone or on the computer at all hours of the day, because there’s always something to work on. But I recently heard this line that said your everyday is their childhood, and it shook me. I make it a point to stop working at a set hour, and if I do have some work to catch up on I’ll always stop what I’m doing to listen to my son. I want him to grow up knowing that I’m so glad to be present with him, despite other responsibilities we have to maintain a living.

Q: How old is your little one and what are they most into right now?

A: Xochi is 3 now and he’s a big storyteller! He’s really into his little red guitar, he’ll start pulling strings and singing short stories that pop into his mind. His favorite colors right now are pink and blue, his favorite book is ‘A dormir como animales!’, his favorite food is cucumber thanks to the film Ponyo, he adores flowers and loves godzilla. His father went to Japan recently and brought back a classic figurine. He’s a big godzilla fan, even with the classics back to 1954. It’s his version of a superhero.

 Q: What do you love most about motherhood?

 A: Motherhood for me has been a path of evolution, you know, how we interact with our kids is a mirror of whatever has happened or is going on inside of us. My little one has been my greatest teacher from day one, and what he’s teaching me is how to step up into better and better versions of myself so that HE can be guided in a way that will allow him to step into the best versions of himself too. He’s my teacher and I’m his guide, and I get to go through my days evolving with him in such a playful way. 

 Q: Favorite children’s books that you would recommend?

 A: Our absolute favorite right now for bedtime is Bedtime for Bo by Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold, some other favorites are Where Are You From? by Yamile Saied Mendez, Who Is The Beast? By Keith Baker, Sun Wishes by Patricia Storms, and there’s this accordion book Una Pequeña Semilla by Mar Benegas that tells the story of a seed turning to a seedling and the seedling into a tree, then a seed falls from the tree and the cycle continues indefinitely as you flip the book over.

 Q: Could you share a little bit about Casa Oma and what inspired you to open the shop?

A: The project first started 4 years ago with my husband, it was a journal where we would share interviews we had with artists in Oaxaca and we had a little online shop where we’d sell wool rugs we designed with a family in Teotitlán (who we still work with to this day!). Our foundation was always based on a deep respect for the environment. The project took a sort of pause after our son was born, then fast forward to a couple years later and I felt it was the right time to continue the journey! I took over the project and built it up from what felt right. Nearly everything I curate is either plant-based or handmade with natural materials or made to replace single use plastics. I have a love for art and design and quality kids goods and really wanted to create a space that could bring it all together in a sustainable way.

 Q: What are your plans for Casa Oma in 2024?

 A: This year will be a big one! Right now I’m working with a dear friend of mine from Kicko Shop to bring in her handwoven cotton sheets for kids, they’re made locally in Oaxaca and divinely soft. I’ve also dipped back into designing some rugs inspired by my home island, and something I’d really love to get started this year is an affordable minimalist kids clothing line. I’m seeing what I’d want for my son and seeing what’s already available here and what’s not, and putting a focus on goods for mamas and papas too.

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